Tours Of London And The UK

Our company offers fascinating private tours of London and the UK.

You can travel in comfort with an experienced guide who is a gifted storyteller, and who knows the history of London and the UK like the back of their hand.

Even if you've come to the UK for business purposes, it's worth leaving some time to explore the main attractions of London and its surrounding areas, see unique historical monuments with your own eyes, and personally get to know the history of the United Kingdom and its traditions.

Advantages Of a Private Tour Are Simple:

You can plan the tour around your schedule, and book it at the most convenient time and date.

A friendly guide will take all your wishes into account and can even adjust the preplanned route during the trip

You can stop wherever and whenever you want, drink a cup of coffee and relax, while enjoying the beautiful scenery

You will not have to put up with noisy or unpunctual travel companions

Exclusive Programs

Our Specialists Have Developed Interesting Tours, Which Will Allow You To Get Acquainted With The Old And Modern Areas Of London, And Its Surrounding Areas. You Can:
  • Take a trip down the Thames and enjoy the most interesting sights of the city from the river
  • Go on a walking tour through London's historic areas
  • Visit the best pubs and tea houses
  • See the Greenwich Observatory and the prime meridians
  • Travel to Windsor Castle


We Offer Exciting Tours Around The UK.

You can see Stonehenge, visit Oxford and Cambridge, take a walk on the streets of Stratford upon Avon (birthplace of Shakespeare), see Woburn Abbey and Leeds Castle, or visit the country's best natural and amusement parks.


We invite you to visit one of the oldest university towns located on the Thames bank and surrounded by rivers and canals. The university buildings are scattered around the entire town and the most famous ones are in its centre. If you manage to climb Carfax Tower or to the belfry of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin you will enjoy the picturesque panorama of Oxford. We also recommend to visit Oxford University Museum of Natural History and the Museum of the History of Science. Apart from that, you should certainly enjoy watching Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Constable and Rembrandt’s masterpieces at Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology. You can also visit world-famous pubs including the Eagle and Child where John R. R. Tolkien used to meet Clive Lewis. All that along with many other places of interest are included in that personal excursion. 


Stonehenge and Bath (1 day) 

Stonehenge is considered to be one of the miracles of the world which is located 80 miles to the South-East from London. A gigantic circle made of huge stone poles is what is known as a archeological monument. How were those rocks placed and what it was made for? Presently no one is certain about it. During the excursion you will learn about theories, some facts and legends and you will be able to make your own impression about the pace of interest. – Resort town of Bath is one of the most frequently visited venues in the country. Thermal spas, the most important place of interest, have made the town a pleasure resort since the eighteenth century. On top of that, there is a great number of buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Englishmen consider Bath the most picturesque resort of the country and they are certainly right as each building of the town represents classical architecture. 

London sightseeing tour

During that individual tour you will visit all main London sightseeing attractions including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the main church building of the city, the Palace of Westminster or the Houses of Parliament and other interesting sights of London. 

Canterbury Cathedral and white cliffs of Dover (1 day) 

- Canterbury is a small English town with more than two-thousand-year history located 53 miles to the North-West from London and 14 miles to the South-East from Dover. Canterbury Cathedral is definitely the most important place of interest of the town and has been the most visited cathedral in England for the last eight centuries. – Also enjoy watching magnificent and snow-white cliffs of Dover. Chalk, as a part of the composition of rocks, makes the cliffs look so beautifully. However, despite all that the rocks are covered with vegetation although they can be seen from Cap Gris-Nez in France. The English coast was called the Fogy Albion because of the cliffs colour as ‘albus’ means white in Latin.


We Offer Various Tour Packages

Gastronomic Tours

Gastronomic tours which allow you to become acquainted with English cuisine and Londons

Shopping Tours

Shopping tours, which allow you to make all your necessary purchases at a reasonable price

Entertainment Tours

Entertainment tours, which include theaters, concert halls, events and Londons best clubs

Children Tours

Children tours, where the age of the young travellers is taken into account

Our Transport

  • We offer modern and comfortable cars, which are in perfect technical condition. Our transport provides an enjoyable experience and a safe journey for all our passengers.
  • We work with experienced and qualified drivers who are distinguished by their impeccable courtesy and punctuality.

Our Guides

  • All tours are conducted by experienced guides who possess all necessary licences and qualifications. We take great care in choosing our guides; they are fluent in Russian and English, take into account the age, preferences and interests of our customers, and know a lot of interesting historical facts, ancient stories and legends.
  • You can be sure that your guide will be able to make any tour informative, entertaining and enjoyable!